In addition to consolidated experience in our team there are teachers in different areas of our operations, which also act as teachers in universities, internal courses in TATICCA and in-company courses, and actively participate in working groups and committees in the organs of accounting and auditing and are speakers in seminars and forums.

The dynamics of the corporate world requires professionals to be constantly updated in their fields, in this sense, minister training focused on the following areas: auditing, governance, compliance, accounting and tax.

Among the training we do and we can carry out in company, include:

  • IFRS / CPCs
  • regulatory accounting of the electricity sector (Accounting Manual)
  • lManual of Asset Control Elétricom Sector
  • ANTT Accounting Manuals
  • RIT and CAP in the Electricity Sector
  • Review Procedures Tariff of the Electricity Sector
  • E-Social
  • ECF
  • Anticorruption Law, fraud and investigations
  • integrated reporting
  • Sustainability report and environmental
  • Income tax and social contribution
  • concession agreements (ICPC 01 / IFRIC 12, OCPC 05)

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