Business and technological innovation are inextricably linked. Organizations seek to transform their technology operations to meet new goals, dynamics and regulatory pressure. We help our customers maximize the value of their investments in Information Technology with services that include IT strategy, selection and Technologies Implementation, Performance Improvement, Safety and Analytics. In this sense, we offer solutions in technology:

  • Data Governance
  • Analytics and Big Data
  • Review of IT Risks
  • Review of IT processes
  • Sanitation Master Data
  • Design of IT Architecture
  • Definition of IT strategy
  • Optimization of IT Processes
  • Outsourcing Model Studies
  • central outsourcing entries
  • Design and Review of IT Governance
  • Technology Selection (ERP, BI, etc.)
  • Development of customized software
  • Review and implementation of Segregation of Functions
  • Disaster Recovery Plan Development
  • Development of the Business Continuity Plan
  • Review and Defining Access Management Policies
  • Review and definition of information security policies
  • Security Vulnerability Assessment IT Environment
  • Design and monitoring of IT performance indicators
  • Data Migration to support technology implementations
  • Implementation of ERP tools, BI, Workflow, Intranet etc.
  • performance improvement business process using IT
  • Review and business control risks supported by data analysis
  • financial management and cost reduction through improvements in developments in IT

The challenge to maintain the security, integrity and availability of information is great for organizations that are in computerized environments, connected and available to many people, it is not always easy this information.

To confirm that the information distributed between their systems are being accessed only by those who have this right, we can evaluate and redesign the access profiles of all staff of your company, increasing the security of information with:

  • analysis of the organizational structure and the permeability of the system use between the layers;
  • understanding of internal processes and adequacy of profiles to the reality of the organization; and
  • mapping of access profiles, until the new profile into production.

The technology environments in organizations can be vulnerable aspects, which are not always treated with necessary attention, so we offer audit systems:

  • environmental analysis technology and identification of risks;
  • classification of risks, since not every risk is equal;
  • recommendation to achieve the identified risks;
  • creation of internal controls and policies that will help your technology department to mitigate the identified risks;
  • monitoring the implementation of internal controls.

 Are increasing the risks related to changes in business strategy, regulatory and other factors that affect the performance of Tecnologia.Com the high speed of change in business requires a higher level of technology, as well as agility and resilience.

Our services Technology assess the strengths and weaknesses of your area of ​​technology, aiming to support decision-making in relation to tactical strategic objectives of your organization.

Our professionals work to analyze the alignment of technology with its business strategy, management processes and key performance indicators that support the organization's technology strategy.

We analyze whether your body really has all the licenses of software you use:

  • verification of software approved for use by the users of the company;
  • inventory and analysis of software installed on the computer base of the company, as well as in carrying out confrontation with the list of approved software.

New tools and systems help your business grow and improve their internal processes. But how to ensure that all old data migrated to the new database in the right way?

The TATICCA has an experienced team in data analysis, which can monitor the entire migration process to ensure that none is forgotten in the process.

  • monitor the data migration process, including shutdowns of the system;
  • Scalable scope - we analyze all legacy data or only the data related to key processes;
  • working record to record - in order to identify if any row in any table was not successfully migrated to the new base.

Because of information technology as a strategic resource, investment needs to be effective and that best practices are being applied in business.

We offer support for your organization to optimize its technology activities:

    adequacy of Technology Department of the frameworks commonly adopted by the market (ITIL, COBIT, COSO and SAS); analysis of the resource capacity of the department and the ability to forecast for the medium and long term; ROI analysis (return on investiments) for the acquisition of hardware and software. diagnosis of the causes that lead to IT inefficiency, watching its four pillars: People, Infrastructure, Application Systems and Processes and Controls; analysis of potential technological bottlenecks; policy analysis and standards applied in the organization.

Entities have a high amount of data on transactions with customers, suppliers, employees and others; but they can not always use this mass directed form of data in order to generate concrete information for management and senior management.

We help developing its entities:

  • analysis of the relevant database tables to the areas analyzed.
  • elimination of duplicate or inconsistent data.
  • conducting several cross tests between the data to validate the correlation between records and releases.
  • Data validation for sending SPED Tax and Accounting and FCONT.

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