Direct and Indirect Taxes

Direct and Indirect Taxes

Our professional staff is prepared to assist them in any demand for analysis of direct and indirect taxes, is that in Brazil or abroad.

In addition to a highly qualified team, we constantly invest in electronic tools that allow meet all the demands and requirements of the tax authorities, thus guaranteed, higher quality services.

Services for direct and indirect taxes

Among the various services provided by our staff include:

   The management of the tax department involves the correct application of tax rates, deductions and analysis increases the tax basis for the correct payment of taxes and also minimizing the risk of fines and payment of fines due to improper calculation

Our team is prepared to assist companies in preparing and taxes calculations revision allowing greater security and anticipation of possible exposures and tax risks.

   The correct calculation of payroll, INSS, FGTS IRRF and enables the reduction of tax risks that unlike other taxes may be subject to inquiries within 20 years.

  Our team is prepared to help companies in the review of all taxes levied on the payroll enabling the early identification of possible risks and measures required for their regularization.

  The constant changes in tax legislation and administrative and judicial decisions often enable companies to request reimbursement, restitution or compensation of unduly paid taxes.

           Our team is prepared to help companies in the proper conduct of the formalities required for recovery or monetization of tax credits.

The states and municipalities constantly enable tax incentives and attractive way for businesses to settle in their regions.

            Our team is prepared to assist companies in the evaluation of the most attractive regions for the implementation of their activities and also in the preparation of election models to present the tax authorities.

  The correct valuation of commodity prices, and interest serviçoes practiced with related persons abroad can be used as a tax management tool.

                           Our team is prepared to assist companies in defining models, calculation of prices and deductibility limits interest charged to related persons.

Expatriates coming to Brazil need all the support in the determination of remuneration and fulfillment model of ancillary obligations required by the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Police.

           The Digital Bookkeeping Public System environment - SPED provides that the tax authorities identify inconsistencies and errors in filling the various ancillary obligations resulting in fines and fines.

Our team uses high-tech tools that perform the fill or the review of the various ancillary obligations to SPED integrated environment.

   The subsidiary companies in Brazil need to provide information to its headquarters for consolidation and reconciliation of temporary differences that may impact the amounts recorded by its investors.

   In this sense, our team is ready to assist companies in reviewing and drafting Tax Packages.

The correct classification of goods can result in the correct allocation of the tax burden and identification of tax credits.

                 Our team helps companies review the registration of products and identifying the correct taxation of products enabling an efficient tax management.

   The support of tax procedures through technical advice or opinions allows the manager to take assertive decisions and updated with the latest administrative and judicial decisions.

          Our team of tax lawyers is prepared to assist companies in issuing opinions and technical advice.

       The correct care supervision can make all the difference in the definition of the scope and extent of the items to be inspected.

                Our team is prepared to help companies in planning and development processes to meet the inspections.

   The identification of hidden tax liabilities can make all the difference in determining the business value allocated in the acquisition of new businesses or companies.

            Our professional staff is prepared to assist companies at all stages of the due diligence process..

       Eventually, companies need professionals who can replace the functions of its employees.

  In this sense, we can help companies through the provision of technical professionals through the assignment at all levels of expertise for predetermined time.

An efficient tax management, setting the remuneration model of sócioes and asset protection is critical to business success.

   Our team is prepared to evaluate the best model of tax and corporate law regime to maximize the remuneration of members and their asset protection.

Like ETHICS can help with direct and indirect taxes

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