Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

In the practice of Corporate Finance Consulting we provide financial advisory services and assessments, with the goal of business reorganization, support transactions, capital solutions (M & A-Mergers and Acquisitions or debt), as well as business viability and assessments. Our team aims to maximize the business value for its customers.

         Our team is prepared to undertake reviews of businesses or projects, whether for accounting purposes, conflict resolution and support for corporate transactions, including: PPA services - Purchase Price Allocation with calculating the fair value of tangible and intangible assets (CPC 15 / IFRS 3); Business Valuation at fair value for goodwill amortization for tax purposes (Law 12,973 / 14); Rating Fair Value for Impairment Test (CPC 01); Biological Assets Appraisal (CPC 29).

                 In the assessments of fixed assets we carried out reviews of tangible assets and inventory, whether for accounting purposes, selling, trading or insurance.

   We have carried out studies of Economic and Financial Viability for various goals, involving the implementation of projects or business units and strategic location and logistics studies.

Our Business Modeling work includes the development of complete models in order to assist companies in generating wealth, including analysis and support activities with the creation of control panels and dashboards.

The need for an independent value opinion has been increasing for the Board of Directors when there is a process of selling or buying companies, or even when there is conflict situations between partners Our team is prepared to draw up fair and independent opinions value on models or assessments, supporting litigation and corporate disputes.

   Our group performs resource survey work, either via the entry of a new partner (M & A-Mergers & Acquisitions) or raising debt with commercial banks or Development (BNDES, IFC, World Bank, among others).

 In the works of M & A both assist in the buying process as selling, managing the whole process, including here fundraising for businesses or nascent business. Our services include the study of business value, preparing the Information Memorandum and the list of national and international investors potentially interested, road-show for presentation, coordination of data room and due-diligence, negotiation and closing. In the process of buying beyond previous work we have made the Market Scan checking potential business to be bought.

  The debt via fund-raising work includes advice from international and national Development Banks (BNDES), and negotiations with commercial banks, Credit and factorings Law Funds.

The restructuring involves both the financial part as operational. In restructuring the debts verified financial cycles of the business and developed a trading strategy, seeking to create value for shareholders. Operational restructuring sought to verify how the company can increase the value of their sales, reduce costs and make better management of your cash and working capital.

Based on the fair value approach we made the assessment marks, workforce, customer base, and other intangible assets such as patents. Additionally we assessed the fair value financial liabilities of the business.

   We have carried out support work the Public Concessions and Public-Private Partnership (PPP), based on the financial viability and VfM (Value for Money); as well as Economic and Financial Rebalancing Study Grants and rates

    Our extensive experience in privatizations acquired in the 90s during the National Privatization Program of the Federal Government, puts us in a unique position to help our customers throughout the process step, including from assessment, to aspects of audit and negotiation.

Our business plans start with the preparation / confirmation of the strategic planning of the company, translating all the strategic guidelines in an economic and financial model that compiles all the variables, showing the impact on generating business value that each strategic action will have on the business. We use the economic and financial modeling EVA approach - Economic Value Added.


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